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Prompt: Mind Control
Lizzy watched the lights dancing in an arch over her head.  Leaning back against her truck, she sighed contentedly, thinking nothing could make life better for her.  She had it all: love, friends, a decent job.  Life had never been sweeter.  She smiled to herself as she slowly drifted to sleep.
"I'm worried about Lizzy.  She's been acting....odd, lately."
"Really? I hadn't noticed anything unusual."
Sam nodded, her brows knit together with concern.  "Yeah.  She passed on Girls Night Out yesterday, and before that has been acting....oddly."
Daniel just grunted and shook his head.  "I think she's doing ok."
Sammy bit her lip, "Okay..."
The lights buzzed above Lizzy's head as she woke up, confused.  "What--?  Where... where am I?" She looked around and saw the lights dancing overhead, her truck behind her, but something felt...different.  Something was wrong, but she couldn't figure out what.  Shrugging the feelin
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Prompt: New Shoes
I laughed at Kova as he danced around in his new shoes.  I'd worked so hard to get them as it was winter and the cold stones kept biting at his feet as he walked to the school room.
"Thank you, Sashi!  I love them!" Kova jumped around some more before he finally landed in a puddle of water, thoroughly soaking his shoes, feet, and the bottom third of my skirt.  He looked up at me with a look of abject fear.  "Sashi..... I...."  He looked down and carefully stepped out of the puddle and shuddered as the cold wind blew sharply around a corner.  Whispering, "Will they be ok?"  Large tears began to fall down his cheeks.
Sighing, I eyed his shoes and the mess he'd made of my skirt.  "I think so.  Let's get home so we can see the damage, ok?"  I held his hand as we hurried through the streets to our little home.  
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Father's Day Gift - Possible Triggers Verbal Abuse
Once, there was a girl who, like most young girls, hero-worshiped her dad.  Unfortunately, his job took him away from her a lot, sometimes for long stretches of time spanning months.  So, she learned to love the few moments they had to share when he was home.  She also wanted to be like him as much as possible.  So, she’d watch him.  She watched him when he changed the oil on the Izuzu Trooper, and even learned to spit like him.  Even when he scolded her for wiping oily fingers on her clothes, and told her that girls don’t spit, she still loved him and tried to be even more like him.  She loved it when he took her fishing and taught her how to catch and release fish.  How to throw and catch a ball, how to ride her bike without training wheels, and how to do yard work.
As she grew older, she slowly stopped hero-worshiping her dad as her world expanded past her immediate family.  But, she still loved her dad.  Through elementa
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Untitled as of Yet.
The lights had burned down to mere snubs.  They had been bran new when lit.  I don't know when that was.  I only know that it had been dark before, and soon it would be dark again.  I did not fear the dark, but I did not want the light to go out, either.  I had so much to much...
Looking down at the latest creation, I smiled.  Perfection was impossible, but passable was possible.  Putting the finishing touches on it, I straightened some of the thin wires before placing it in the window.  Just as the light went out, I knocked on the window, as I had with the earlier creations, then moved back.
In the dark, I heard gears moving and knew They were examining the creation.  I hoped it passed muster.  Not passing was not worth the energy to think about.  All my hopes were wrapped in Them accepting my creation.  In the dark, I rested.  I had not dared to rest while the light was lit, but, now, it caught up with me.
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Learning to Hate
There, I understood hate.  I stood, shaking on the inside and completely speechless at what just happened.  I felt my mouth opening and closing, but didn’t hear anything.  With an exasperated sigh, I whirled around and stormed out the door, leaving them behind me.
It was as if she didn’t understand the concept of “shut up” or the fact that I was beyond furious and followed me.  Her whiny voice irritated me at the best of times, but after what they did?  How could…. I had to cut that thought off.  I knew how they could, I just didn’t want to contemplate that how.  Hell, I didn’t even want to contemplate them anymore, but she wouldn’t leave me alone.
Whirling around, I smacked her as hard as I could.  “SHUT UP! And leave me alone,” I glowered at her and took a step back.  Thankfully, she didn’t follow.  Turning around, I stalked out of the living
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Prompt: The Side Effects of Living
Grundy sighed and rubbed his back. "I'm getting too old for this..." He eyed his handy work with eyes rimmed red from the glare of the sun. Nodding to himself, he muttered, "Yep. That'll hold." He pulled himself into the saddle and headed home, hoping the cows wouldn't tear through this fix for another few weeks.
Smells of good cooking greeted him as he came near the homestead proper. Grundy grinned, knowing Milly would be putting the finishing touches on her famous beef stew even as he rubbed his mount down and turned him loose in the corral.
Supper turned out to be a quiet affair, what with the boys in town taking care of their womenfolk and the farm hands having already eaten. "Mighty fine meal, Milly." Grundy broke the silence. The girl just smiled shyly. Twenty years he'd known her and hadn't heard much more'n a peep from her--not even when the injuns had tried to take her captive. "Think I'm a turn in; gotta be up early to move them cows t'morrow." Grundy stood up, groaning again
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Prompt: Infected
Born of loving parents, prophesied against,
little girl, why this struggle? Why this strangling dance?
Charmed existence for all your life,
Little girl, so clever, so dead.
One fairy rebuked, ruined all their plans,
Little girl, why this struggle? Why this strangling dance?
No balls of golden glory, no wine of sparkling vintage
Little girl, so clever, so dead.
Never told of dark designs, never told or evil intent,
Little girl, why this struggle? Why this strangling dance?
Sent, unbidden, unknowing, to your death.
Little girl, so clever, so dead.
Prick your finger and it starts,
Little girl, why this struggle? why this strangling dance?
Infection spreads on breathless words,
Little girl, so clever, so dead.
Death will spread to liege men, workmen, men of all ilk
Little girl, why this struggle? why this strangling dance?
No chance of survival, none
little girl, so clever, so dead.
Lie in wait for the never-coming Prince
Little girl, why this struggle? Why this strangling dance?
Hold your
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Prompt: The Taste of Chocolate and Champagne
Sashi gasped after spitting the cold water out. Taking another breath, she gulped another mouthful, trying to get the taste of the chocolate and champagne out of her mouth. She couldn't believe what had happened. She just couldn't....
Torren, a gentleman who had been very nice and beneficial, had invited her to a dinner party, surprisingly enough.  He had only made himself known to her a bare month ago and had seemingly done everything in his power to help her.  He'd been a smooth talker, knowing just what to say and when to say it.  Being nice to Kova and her mom.  He'd even purchased her most expensive design made in the best paper for it.
She had only agreed to attending the party for two reasons.  The first was that she'd assumed it was going to be a large party and had hoped to make a few more connections to help her out.  The she hated to admit that she had been falling for him and felt a little indebted to him.  She had been wron
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Prompt: We had to do something immediately. Or as
We had to do something immediately. Or as soon after we had finished our deserts as was humanly possible.
We laughed for the hell of it, shaping worlds as craftily as artists shaped their works.   We raced across the galaxy, careless of the wreckage we left behind.  We were not subject to anything; everything was at our command.  The Other would create worlds filled with smoke and fire, and I would craft them of air and light.  We would crash them together, watching as the worlds broke apart, scattering bits in all directions.
I challenged the Other to a duel, of sorts.  To see who was better at creating things.  We would craft a world with air, light, smoke, and fire.  Darkness and solid ground.  We would create life and see what it chose to do.  Time did not matter; merely the end result.
We went to opposite ends and started creating.  I split the dark from light, gave the creation form.  Peeking, I saw us both pulling lav
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Prompt: A thousand sheets of paper, gone in the
A thousand sheets of paper, gone in the blink of an eye.
Mariyetti staggered a little under the weight of her load.  "Are you sure these are really necessary?" Her tone was skeptical, though her face never showed a hint of it.  Her long black hair was neatly tied back against the blowing wind.
"You'd be amazed at how much paper I go through in a day," Sashi replied, carrying her own load balanced on a hip.  "Besides, with things starting to look up, I want to make sure I'm ready for anything."  The last was said with breathless anticipation.  Something was happening within the Artisan Commonwealth, and it all centered around her, again.  But this time.... maybe this time things would end better?  Sashi bit her lip and hoped the bout of good luck wasn't just a cruel joke.
"I guess.  This stuff must be worth a fortune!" Mariyetti heaved the box of paper onto a table in the middle of the room.  Sashi had been invited to perform at a chil
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Prompt: Nothing could hold him back. Nothing, that
Nothing could hold him back. Nothing, that is, except this...
He'd been watching her closely for several months now.  He knew her normal route from her booth to the little room she rented.  Hell, he even knew how much money she earned in a given day.  And it angered him, watching her talent go to waste in the poor quarter.  The day he'd seen Sashi give that little girl--Lily?--a flower for next to nothing.... he nearly spat with distaste.  It used to be a simple patterns like that would command a full coin, not a tenth or the piddling amount she had charged.
That was when he'd decided.  He was going to intervene for Sashi's sake.
That was why he found himself marching up the broad, yellow steps of the Artisian Commonwealth's building, knocking on the worn wooden door.  He was firm in his decision and nothing would hold him back.  He had seen what the Artisians were trying--no!  What they were actively doing to undermine Sashi's
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Prompt: It all changed when I saw how much she...
It all changed when I saw how much she earned
He watched her from the shadows, where he had been watching her for the last five months.  She was an enterprising soul, was Sashi.  He'd never seen the like of it before.  He watched as she folded paper into impossible shapes, soothing flustered feelings here between two friends, giving a young boy his first paper present, or even folding a heart for young love.  Part of him marveled at the quickness with which she folded her wares, and her cleverness at keeping her customers occupied as she folded, her lilting voice dipping an rising in time to her folding, almost like a song, but not quite.
Furrowing his brows, he wondered, tho.  What was such a talented paper folder doing in the poor section of the city?  Why didn't she have a shop with apprentices to do most of this work for her?  Most of all, who was this girl--well, woman--really?  She had just shown up one day, out of the blue, with no
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Prompt: I want to keep you like an oath.
This burning in my heart, I must hold you close.
I need to keep you near to me,
in case my longing grows too much
I cannot bear to lose you.
You soul and mine are twined
too tight to make heads and tails
of either.  Your breath my music;
without your voice, I'd pine.
I want to keep you like an oath,
tightly bound to me. For then I cannot
loose you, and can keep my memories.
I need to keep you like an oath,
for my sake, but yours as well.
Our fates are twisted into one,
though, two hearts we can boast.
But, as much as I need you near,
I know I must let you go.  
To keep you close would only
smother the one I hold too dear.
The tears I shed do bitter fall,
as I watch you go.  My heart,
it breaks apart, a tearing of my soul.
And then, in glee, I see you run
to me as you, too, feel
the tearing of soul and breaking heart
as we again are whole.
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Prompt: Even with the ringing...
She woke with a start, breathing hard.  "It's just a dream," she told herself, not even half convinced.  "Only a dream..."  Sashi rubbed at gritty eyes and noted the pale light slipping into her room.  It was nearly time to get up anyway.  Dressing for the day, her heart was sent pounding yet again as the city alarm bells started peeling.  Paling, but moving quickly, she rushed to Kova's bed and caught him in her arms.  His startled cry muffled against her shoulder.
"Sashi?  What's going on?" His small voice wavered as he debated tears.
"I don't know, Kova.  But if we sit tight, we should be ok."  She smoothed the boy's hair from his forehead as the pale light once more darkened and they could hear the winds picking up.  "On second thought, we need to get to Mariyetti's.  Can you get dressed?  I need to get some supplies..."
Sashi reluctantly left the scared boy as she quickly gathered food and small entertainments for Ko
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That was when I first created it
Sashi sighed as she leaned back in a rare moment of calm. The paper folding had been going well, even with having to take time away from selling her stock to teach the Artisans, and Kova had recovered from his recent fever. The quiet surrounded her, comforting her, not stifling. In the afternoon haze, her chin slowly dipped to rest on her chest.
The room was brightly lit as she danced across the floor, excited to be going somewhere other than school or home or the market.  Her Da followed behind her, laughing, which was a rare occasion in it's own right.  The sunlight that filtered into the room was colored from the paper screen set over the windows, thick enough to tint the light but thin enough to let in the hot summer breezes.  Sashi reached the far end of the room, gasping with delight as she saw the myriad of papers spread across the table.  "Da?" Her five-year-old self asked.  "Da?  Really?" She was bouncing in place as he approached, the smile cr
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It began with the listless feeling brought on by a
It began with the listless feeling brought on by a Sunday afternoon. Next, the coughing that night; followed by a high fever and sneezing. After that, things went downhill.
She had expected to share a lot of things after she got married, but this was a surprise. The normal things, like sharing a bed, food, stealing his shirts, that made sense. But sharing illnesses? That was nowhere on her radar.
She sniffed miserably. Even her go-to of chamomile tea with honey and cinnamon was failing her. Glaring at her beloved, she gasped for air, finally giving up the battle of breathing thru her stuff or swollen nose. The decongestant had probably just worn off, stealing the last bit of what little relief she had garnered in the past 4 hours.
From the other room, she could hear an explosive sneezing fit. Sighing, she got up out of the warm couch and shuffled to the bedroom. "'nother nose bleed?" She asked, her voice muffled from the illness. He shook his head, dabbing his mustache with toilet pape
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm a Master Student in English, working primarily with literature, focusing on fairy tales & myths.
I submitted my 2 entries today--Thank you to everyone who's helped me with this!  Here's hoping for some good news....

So, I've decided to enter my college's poetry contest (even tho the chances of me winning are pretty slim, given out MFA program), but I'ma doing it anyway!

But, I need you're help!

Here's the contest particulars:


Join SIUC's Creative Writing and Women's Studies Programs as we honor the memory of a wonderful poet and celebrate Women's History Month.

The Roxana Rivera Memorial Poetry Contest honors the memory of Roxana Rivera (1977-2003), who was a first-year creative writing graduate student from Lynwood, California. Roxana, a graduate of California State University Long Beach, earned her Bachelor's degree in Women's Studies and English. While at SIUC, Roxana was a PROMPT Scholar and a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Department of English.

To remember this special woman and poet, a campus-wide poetry contest is held annually, with divisions for both undergraduate and graduate students. This year’s theme is “Ode to the Body.”

Eligibility: This contest is open to all undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Students of all majors are invited and encouraged to participate in this contest.

Prizes: $50 gift certificates for the winning entry in each division. Awards also given for two honorable mentions in each division.

Deadline: Monday, March 23, 2015 at 4pm

</end Particulars>

I can submit up to 3 poems.

I have already chosen these two:
  Red WineRed Wine
Red wine splashed on a silk white tablecloth
At first there were hushed questions,
worried glances.
  Did she fall?  Were you burnt?
  Does it hurt?

Guileless friendships formed,
a haven of unasked questions, forgotten
stares and easy companionship.
Close family, friends, were blinded, forgot its existence.
Burn.  Burn it off.  Let it mar no more.
A pit stop in the bathroom, swollen, sore
         Dump him, girl.  He’s not worth it.
  misunderstandings.  Treatments with results like
rounds gone with Mike Tyson and coming out the loser.
       What’s that? (he points and stares)
                  Too polite, I respond with sincerity.
You’re still beautiful. &

And would like your help in 2 areas:
1. Are there any other poems I have that seem to fit the bill? ("Pepto-Bismal & All that Jazz" is out, sorry)
2. Can you please critique "Red Wine" and any others that get added to the list?  I want to get them as polished as possible.

While I can't really do much for those who do help, I can at least offer a feature, and, if I win, I might be able to offer a critique on 1 lit piece you have (this would likely happen over the summer as I'm way too busy right now -.-)

So.... can I count on your help?

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  • Reading: Oathblood by Mercedes Lackey
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Also, having a variety of people, from all educational levels could only be a plus.

But it'd also take time to come up with the "mission" of an academic club--what's the purpose? to help people with their written homework? To talk theories (mostly helpful to upper-level college students)? Something else entirely?
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